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Our Summer Holiday in the Czech Republic – Part 2.

Lenka Pagan

As you will know from my last blog, ‘Our Summer Holiday in the Czech Republic – Part 1′, my son and I had been staying at the Dolce Camp in the Giant Mountains since Monday 1 August.


It’s now Saturday the 5th August and after a breakfast of fresh rolls (rohliky) with homemade jam and herbal tea, we said good-bye to our neighbours, who were going home, before Lucas and I beset off on another day trip.

This time we were going to visit Janske Lazne, a popular tourist site to visit the Tree Top Tail, located in the heart of the majestic forests of the Krkonoše National Park. This 45m high observation tower provides a unique bird’s eye view http://www.stezkakrkonose.cz/en/.

Unfortunately, due to the very long queue to get in, we decided not to go this time and just took a little walk in the woods around the tower instead. There was a beautiful playground next to the tower so Lucas played there for a while. Next year we will come back and go up the tower.



After the woods we visited a uniquely crafted farm park, Mochomurka, at the top of a hill, surrounded by forest and with stunning views as you can see in the photos below.

I was introduced to the talented owners of this amazing place – Tomas and Jana Zelenkovi – who built the farm from scratch and maintain it to the highest standards. The energy you feel here is just superb! Lucas and I loved it so much that we did not want to leave. 😉

I felt really inspired after chatting with them about their new business project. We certainly plan to come back next year. http://www.farmapark-muchomurka.cz/



Before we left the farm we did a bit of yoga then went to a nearby restaurant which had an outdoor and indoor playground where Lucas played whilst we waited for our pizza.

Sunday 6th August was our last day at the camp. We said goodbye to our remaining neighbours – Barbora and her children and an Austrian couple – and took taxi to the town Trutnov where we had a freshly made beetroot and carrot juice at Caffee Horn and then caught a train to Prague (Praha) – our next and final destination before going back home. We stayed at my friend Petra’s home with her two lovely daughters.

Monday 7th August was another hot day, so we decided to go to Dinopark. We had already visited one Dinopark before, but this Dinopark was totally different as it was outside on the roof of the shopping centre. Check out the images below.

The children really loved it as besides the giant dinosaurs there were two amazing playgrounds,  an ice cream kiosk and interactive activities to keep them amused. http://dinopark.cz/en/

I was surprised at how many lovely food places there were with vegan food. I chose this vegan-vegetarian bar where we had a selection of yummy foods.

Our coach departure was at 6pm from Praha Florenc bus station and we arrived on time at London Victoria the following day at 11.30am.

So, what did we get from this bus and camping experience?

I am glad we did because my son and I got to go via five countries within 24 hours – France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Czech Republic. We also hadn’t travelled by coach together before which did mean uncomfortable sleep, but Lucas and I met interesting people and had a fun, so it wasn’t that bad.

With regards to the camping, it was a great experience and we would do it again but next time we’ll be more prepared.

How about you? Have you been camping or travelled a long distance by coach? I would love to hear about your experiences. 😉

Please click here to view rest of the pictures from our holiday. 😉

Lenka Pagan
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