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Nutritional Therapist/Yoga Teacher

- Become motivated to achieve your ideal weight.

- Find life balance with healthy habits.

- Develop a can-do attitude with healthy eating and yoga. 

Lenka Pagan

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Currently not available. Please contact me if this is of interest. 



Currently not available. Please contact me if this is of interest.

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  • “Lenka is a fantastic teacher and she always strives to keep the classes interesting and energetic. Yoga is essential to my well-being and I need to keep doing it. I initially started because my blood pressure was really high and I was feeling very stressed. Lenka helped me not only to learn how to relax but since having her as my food mentor I have also lost 20 lbs! and am well on the way to ever greater victory.”
  • “Thank you for a wonderful online video consultation we had a couple of days ago. It was very informative and surprising at the same time. I thought I knew quite a lot about the healthy nutrition and you proved that I didn’t. I feel very motivated now and inspired, ready to change my diet for better, according to your advice. Lenka, your knowledge is very valuable and you should share it with others who seek for help in loosing weight/detoxing their bodies or who simply want to start living consciously. You provide a complex nutritional service which I’d recommend everyone to use!”
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  • “Lenka’s personal journey which lead her to write this book is truly inspiring. Healing Beverages book itself is clearly written and easy to follow. The huge amount of recipes are simple and really delicious proving that healthy food doesn’t need to be boring or tasteless. I would highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to improve their diet and health in an easy yet powerful way.”
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