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  • I’ve been doing Lenka’s fantastic online classes for over 2 months now and it has been so rewarding. I now sleep so much more deeply, I am more flexible, my general aches are gone and I feel more energetic in general. Lenka’s class makes me feel as though it is my own personal session! Throughout the class, Lenka gives me (& everyone in the class) advice/encouragement to help get the maximum benefit from the poses and breathing. It feels tailored, which I never envisaged yoga classes to be. I can’t recommend Lenka’s classes enough – and do! – to anyone and everyone.
    AnnaMum of 3 young children
    Lenka is very knowledgeable about healthy lifestyle, food choices and is very passionate about helping others attained a healthier and better life style. I had an amazing experience with her on my first consultation. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with her as my Mentor. Once again, thank you so much for your time, understanding, and commitment towards a healthier Me.
    Mila DavilaStudent Development Advisor
    I completed a nutritional questionnaire before our on-line consultation. I’d never done this before, but Lenka was very organised and explained very well how to do it. I could see from the questionnaire how my various symptoms could be related to vitamin deficiencies, the main problem being tiredness. We discussed different ways of increasing each of the nutrients, recipes, how we can be inadvertently reducing our uptake as well. We covered a great deal, even exercise. I am now trying to reduce my caffeine intake (alternatives suggested by Lenka!) and reduce food that can contain harmful chemicals, again with easy alternatives.

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