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Working holiday on organic farm

Lenka Pagan

I traveled to an organic farm called Brynmawr farm with my son Lucas and our bunny Louige this past Easter holiday and stayed for two weeks. Although the journey was over 6 hours long and with some delays, a combination of bus/train/underground – we managed!

The Brynmawr farm is located in beautiful and very peaceful countryside near the Welch border up in Shropshire. The nearest town was Newtown in Wales, and it takes about half an hour to get there by car. There was no bus connection and no shops around the farm. And when walking away from the farm, there was no vehicle passing by for 30 minutes or more, so imagine how quiet it was there.

This is the first time I experienced working on a large commercial animal farm with over 200 sheep and over 200 lambs and lots of cows. I was responsible for bringing the ewes with their newborns into the pens, bottle-feeding lambs, and feeding ewes in the “maternity ward”. It was a great experience to watch lambing and assist if needed, but sometimes I found it very emotional when some lambs got ill, or even died.

I was also responsible for feeding, letting out, and closing hens, and feeding cattle, cows, a dog, and a cat. I also enjoyed some gardening outside and in the polytunnel. I loved the fresh organic produce we could help ourselves to pick for our nutritious organic meals every day.

My 13-year-old son Lucas joined me to stay on the farm for the second week and did some gardening with me and helped the farmers Trevor and Paul with fence laying as well as other farm duties. We were accommodated in a lovely eco-house made of straws and clay and I must say this was the nicest and cleanest farm accommodation we ever stayed in! 😊 I also enjoyed chatting with new guests who stayed in eco holiday lets on the farm.

Trevor, the farmer, and the host, is a kind, friendly, and very active man for his age, over seventy. His son Paul, his daughters, and Trevor’s grandchildren are all very knowledgeable and skillful when it comes to farm life. Lucas and I learned a lot from them all.

In conclusion, this was our fourth working experience on an organic farm. We went with the intention of learning about animal care, gardening, spending time outside and also taking a break from the online world.

Working and living on an organic farm is a great opportunity for yourself, and your family to have an adventurous holiday where you make great memories. We certainly enjoyed it and already have booked another adventure in Devon.

I can highly recommend it to you too! If you want to get a digital detox, meet like-minded people, and gain knowledge of organic gardening and animal care then why not try this adventure as your next holiday? Ask me, if you need more info, I am happy to advise and recommend some farms for you. 😊

Lenka Pagan
Lenka supports women to live happier and healthier life. :-)

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