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Personal Grocery Shopping Tour

Good health starts with what you put in your shopping basket.  Healthy eating means you need to shop for healthy foods, but if you’re not used to it, walking through the aisles can be stressful and confusing. What should you buy to keep your family healthy? Refined or unrefined? Non-hydrogenated fat or trans fats? And what about sugars and artificial sweeteners? It can all be very overwhelming.

This is why I offer a Personal Grocery Shopping Tour – to help guide you through the mass of ambiguous labeling, confusing terminology, and processed foods.

Shopping for healthy food is all about learning how to make the best choices and bring back your excitement for food. You don’t have to spend a fortune to be able to prepare delicious and nutritious meals. With healthy products and their factual labeling, you can make a positive impact on you and your family’s health.

I can introduce you to groceries that promote healthy living as we walk through each aisle, I will point out healthy options and alternatives and which aisles you would be better off to avoid altogether.

Your Personal Grocery Shopping Tour will be tailored to fit your specific health needs and goals. I will show you how to properly read nutrition labels and discuss the differences between healthy and unhealthy ingredients and the possible effects on your health.

My 90-minute tour is fun, educational and also gives you time for any questions you may have.

On my Personal Grocery Shopping Tour, you will learn:

  • how to understand food labels and health claims
  • how to shop effectively whilst saving time and money
  • to identify food additives, chemicals and other toxins in food
  • about new healthy foods and ways to incorporate them into your diet
  • to understand the criteria which enable food to be considered a healthy choice
  • how to avoid being fooled by advertising, or misleading marketing messages and supermarket shelf stocking strategies that steer you unknowingly towards those unhealthy options

I will also

  • share research-based information about food products (such as organic, soy, high fiber, spreads/fat/oils, forms of sweeteners, raw, refined products etc.)
  • help you to discover the truth about what you’ve been eating and how to make healthier alternatives
  • introduce you to safe non-toxic home cleaning products
  • show you the differences between organic and conventional foods and when it’s worth spending that extra money

We can meet at a grocery store of your choice, usually in the Worthing and Brighton areas, but it could also be in other areas of the UK (additional travel fees will apply).

You could also bring along a friend or a family member (at a discounted rate), but please remember to bring a pen and paper with you so that you can take notes. 😉

Are you ready to make that investment in your health and become a skilled shopper who can confidently buy real, healthy food?

If you are, then please book your shopping tour now.

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This very informative and eye-opening personal grocery shopping tour with Lenka has definitely helped us to break some bad habits – mainly buying convenience items. It has also turned us on to some amazing products such as coconut oil and naked bars! What a revelation (the coconut oil)! Lenka also showed us how to look for the very unhealthy and scary sugars on products that say ‘no added sugar’ etc, so we can be confident that the products we choose are actually healthy for us. She was super helpful with my teens too who seem to know a lot more than I do when it comes to healthy and unhealthy eating! I very much recommend this personal tour to anyone who would like some intelligent insight into eating healthily and how to do this by buying the right products. Lenka is vegan so she was also able to advise on some good veggie products too. Plus, she is a lovely person and you feel like you’re going round the shop with a life-long friend who really cares about you and your health! – Meg Fenn