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Healing Beverages eBook

I am on a mission to help those who are ready to transform their lives – those who are willing to make changes to their precious physical and mental well-being.

Many times I meet people who want to change and are ready to change, but they don’t know HOW and WHERE to start. This is why I wrote this e-book. It is packed with lots of valuable information which will, if you apply it, help to heal your life.


I ended up in hospital twice within three months! I nearly lost my life… I learned a lesson the hard way…

Lenka Pagan

It will enable you

  • Take control of your weight
  • Increase your energy
  • Achieve sense of well-being
  • Detox
  • Just simply feel amazing

It contains

  • Lots of handy tips
  • Recommendations about different types of beverages
  • The tools you might need to prepare them
  • The facts to help you understand what proper nutrition is
  • As well as over 100 simple plant-based recipes for you to try at home 

What's Inside?

Here are a few page examples of the book.

Lenka Pagan, Author of the Book


 Helping those who are ready to lose weight and re-balance their lives by creating healthy habits through can-do attitude, healthy eating and yoga.

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What are people saying?

Real words from real customers!
  • Healing Beverages is a beautifully illustrated book packed with an incredible amount of awesome and easy to make recipes. As a health conscious mother of 4 I love books with lots of recipes I can just easily flip through and chose what I want to make. There are numerous recipes for juices, smoothies, nut milks and teas that are not just easy to make, but also tasty and healing. It’s just the book I needed! I love the simplicity of the recipes – no fancy ingredients! I also love all the well researched information. It’s so important that we know how to feed our bodies well. Superb book for anyone interested in getting into juicing and improving their health.
    Jessica AjayiUSA, Student Doctor of Naturopathy, Mother of 4, Blogger/ YouTuber
    As a healer who firmly believes that food is the medicine for the healthy, it was wonderful to come across Lenka’s book on healing beverages. If more people would do nothing more than give up their sugar coated drinks in favor of one or more of the beverages from this book, they would be well on the path to good health. Achieving and maintaining good health is in our own hands and Lenka makes it easy through well researched and described recipes. Start with one recipe among numerous described by Lenka and you will be well on your way to good health.
    Pradeep DarookaSpiritual Guide and Healer, India
    Lenka’s personal journey which lead her to write this book is truly inspiring. The book itself is clearly written and easy to follow. The huge amount of recipes are simple and really delicious proving that healthy food doesn’t need to be boring or tasteless. I would highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to improve their diet and health in an easy yet powerful way.
    Pippa HancockAcupuncture Practitioner, Worthing, UK