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Introducing My New Book


There are numerous ways to create nutritious and tasty meals. In this book you will find some of my favourite recipes that I have learnt to make over the years – either on my own or by adjusting other people’s recipes.

I have witnessed many people who have cured themselves of a variety of health issues – some minor and some serious –  thanks to the food they eat and lives they live. 

I am living proof of this. Thanks to a plant-based diet and yoga, I healed myself of multiple sclerosis (MS), irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), high levels of cholesterol, Candida, female disorders, serious dehydration – kidney failure and other annoying health issues.

Find here over 90 mouthwatering plant-based recipes from smoothies to cashew cheese spread, to seasonal treats and even raw cookies. This book has the recipes that will keep you and your family happy, healthy and well-nourished.

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Lenka Pagan, Author of the Book

Nutritional Therapist • Yoga Teacher • Health Coach 

Helping those who are ready to lose weight and re-balance their lives by creating healthy habits through can-do attitude, healthy eating and yoga.

Let’s discover how I can help you to take your health to the next level. Together we can find out the cause of your health issues so that we can alleviate your symptoms. When you heal the source of the problem, everything else in your life will improve.

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What are people saying?

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  • "This lovely recipe eBook is a very useful and practical tool to have in anyone's kitchen. It gives in a simple and concise way the essential knowledge for a long-lasting health in and out. I definitely recommend it."
    Gisele MarianoAcupuncturist/Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine BSc (Hons) TCM / BMed / Dip Tuina / MBAcC
    "Lenka's plant-based recipe book is packed with so much goodness, from nutritional information to amazingly delicious recipes that are so easy to prepare. The pictures are raw and real. My favorites are the dessert recipes. Healthy, easy and super scrumptious."
    Dorothy SheltonOnline business consultant, Natural health enthusiast
    "Jumping on the plant-based wagon is easy with Lenka’s recipes. They are truly quick and simple for our everyday busy lives whether you are a newbie or a seasoned cook. I plan to integrate many of these recipes into my personal meal plan."