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Healing Beverages by Lenka Pagan

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This book will guide you as you start your journey to detox and improve your health. It is packed with lots of valuable information which will, if you utilise it, literally transform your life. 

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If you have been struggling to achieve your health or weight loss goals then ‘Healing Beverages’ is for you. Based on my extensive research and personal experience, I have written this full-colour book to help you change your life naturally through nutrition.

It will guide you as you start your journey to detox and improve your health. It is packed with lots of valuable information which will, if you utilise it, literally transform your life. When you incorporate this knowledge into your day-to day routine, you will begin to eat more healthily, feel more energetic and look better as you lose start to lose that piled up weight. 

What will you find in this book? 

• 27 nutritious freshly pressed juice recipes 

• 60 simple smoothies recipes 

• 27 delicious plant-based milk recipes  

• Step-by-step guides to juicing, smoothie blending and plant-based milks 

• What can you juice and blend and why? 

• Nutritional facts about fibre, pectin, chlorophyll, enzymes and more 

• Fresh juices v bottled juices 

• Over 70 pages long content with beautiful images 

• Many helpful tips and more… 

6 reviews for Healing Beverages by Lenka Pagan

  1. Sue Thornett

    A comprehensive look at the theory and practicalities of incorporating healing beverages into the diet of those for whom this is a new concept.

  2. Jeanette Barsdell

    A really accessible, helpful book for easily improving health. Not too dense, practical and easy to use. A good read which explains the ‘whys’ as well as the ‘how’.

  3. Sara

    This eBook is such a big help to somebody who wants to start with a healthier lifestyle. Lenka explains why meat, dairy and eggs are NOT the healthiest for us and how to start with changes in your life. Recipes are tasty and easy to prepare and most of the ingredients you may have at home already so you don’t need to do much shopping. I am definitely going to cook some more from this book. Thank you Lenka for a beautiful inspiration – your recipes and YOU!!:)

    Sara, Czech Republic

  4. Jon Lambert

    Lenka displays a depth of knowledge that only the passionate about a subject seem to develop. Recently my dad became ill and after reading this book myself I decided to give it to him to support his recovery process. The comprehensive coverage and practical recipes has really helped him understand practical steps that he can take to help his body mend. Slowly I have seen my dad regain his health. This great book has been instrumental in helping him understand how diet directly impacts well being. I highly recommend reading and understanding the contents as part of your own strategy towards a healthy life.

    Jon Lambert

  5. Tasos Fragkoulis

    Lenka’s book (Healing Beverages) not only provides you a list of numerous healthy and tasty recipes of juices and smoothies but it explains you in an understanding way the importance of them and what is the effect of each ingredient to your heath. Excellent work!!! Personally speaking, I adapt a new way of living and I have realized the difference not only physically, but also mentally. I know that it can be difficult to change your lifestyle but when you do so, you will make the most valuable gift to yourself!!!

    “Tasos Fragkoulis, Territory Manager in Private Sector, Greece”

  6. Pradeep Darooka

    “As a healer who firmly believes that food is the medicine for the healthy, it was wonderful to come across Lenka’s book on healing beverages. If more people would do nothing more than give up their sugar coated drinks in favor of one or more of the beverages from this book, they would be well on the path to good health. Achieving and maintaining good health is in our own hands and Lenka makes it easy through well researched and described recipes. Start with one recipe among numerous described by Lenka and you will be well on your way to good health.” Pradeep Darooka, Spiritual Guide and Healer

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