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Plant-Based Recipes For Healthy Living

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After reading this book you will notice that some common ingredients are missing from the recipes – sugar, table salt, tinned foods, simple carbohydrates such as baking products made of white/refined/flour, white rice, etc. Instead I use good quality natural sweeteners and seasonings such as sea salt and complex carbohydrates…



Here are some facts why I don’t consume meat, dairy products and eggs anymore:
2004 was my transformational year when I became vegetarian. I removed meat
from my menu and three months later I stopped eating dairy and eggs so that
I was mainly eating plant-based foods – mostly organic wholefoods. I watched
the magic happen as my health dramatically improved…

Here is the fact – we accept illness as a normal part of our life instead of
dealing with the cause of the problem. We ‘treat’ symptoms with artificial pills
as a quick fix. Too often we feel the need to seek out the physician, whom
we have been taught has the cure for all of our health problems. Prevention
and maintenance are much easier and so much more cost effective and will
certainly produce satisfying results such as looking and feeling great.

“The greatest mistake a person can make is to remain ignorant when he is
surrounded, every day of his life, by the knowledge he needs to grow and be
healthy and successful. It’s all there. We need only to observe, read, learn…
and apply.” Paul C. Bragg


4 reviews for Plant-Based Recipes For Healthy Living

  1. Liz Archer

    Lenka’s book is clearly presented with easy to follow recipes for a healthy plant based diet. I particularly like the buckwheat pasta and the sweet juice tastes amazing! I found the information on dairy and eggs very interesting and have now stopped eating them for good. The difference is phenomenal. Lenka explains the importance of organic food and most crucially, the damaging effects of pesticides and how they can build up in the body contributing to illness which I did not know! I found the list of 12 most contaminated fruits and vegetables extremely helpful and the fact that non-organic food lacks nutritional value is backed by science was a real eye opener for me! I’ve learned a lot from Lenka and I would recommend her and her book if you want to boost your health.

  2. Tasos Fragkoulis (verified owner)

    Excellent recipe book without using the common ingredients….. salt, sugar etc. I need to say that Lenka does know about healthy habits and nutrition!!! I definitely recommend it.

  3. Jeanette Barsdell

    A really accessible, helpful book. Not to dense, practical and easy to use. A good read.

  4. Gisele Mariano, Acupuncturist in Arundel, UK

    This lovely recipe ebook is a very useful and practical tool to have in anyone’s kitchen. It gives in a simple and concise way the essential knowledge for a long-lasting health in and out. I definitely recommend it.

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