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How to improve our eyes naturally

Lenka Pagan

Severe problems with eyes should always be referred to a specialist, but alternative therapies can support orthodox treatment and may be very useful. Reading, writing, or sitting at a computer all day long damages our eyesight, unless we take the time to rest and exercise our eyes.


Eyesight Problems – Hazy vision, difficulty in reading, tired eyes, and headaches are all types of eyesight problems. They may be the result of vision problems, high blood pressure, and eyestrain, among other factors.


Treatment – Yoga Candle Gazing – is a beneficial yoga exercise for eyestrain.


Homeopathy – Consult a qualified practitioner/therapist – specific remedies to be taken for eyestrain include: Arnica when the muscles are tired.


The Bates Method – This is designed to strengthen the eye muscles and rectify vision problems as a natural alternative to wearing glasses. The Bates Method is a combination of relaxation and exercises to strengthen naturally the muscles that control each eye. It was devised by William Horatio Bates. Find out more in his book Better Eyesight Without Glasses.


Basic Bates Exercises –

  • Splash the eyes alternatively with warm and cold water twice a day.
  • Avoid staring and shift your sight constantly.
  • Blink every ten seconds to lubricate the eye.
  • Practice focusing on objects far and near.
  • Stand and swing your body gently, letting the eyes move with the body.
  • Remember particular objects. Bates believed that seeing objects in the mind’s eye helped the eyes to see the objects in reality.


Eye Muscle Exercises Help Save Sight

Most people do not realize the amount of influence they have over their eyesight. The ability to see is greatly dependent on how one uses and exercises their eyes. Like all the muscles in the body, the ones that control eyesight must be exercised in order to keep them supple and strong. Call it “vision maintenance.”


Modern life requires using the eyes in ways very different from those under which we evolved. Now we must make special choices in order to protect and maintain our natural vision.


The main reason we lose our vision, believe it or not, is literacy. Reading and writing are new skills in the scope of human evolution. During most of human evolution, our eyes were primarily used to gaze afar – to locate food, shelter, and threats to safety. When focusing off at a distance, the muscles that control the shape of the eye and the shape of the lens remain in a relatively natural and relaxed state.


However, in order to focus on something close, such as a book or a computer screen, the muscles that control the shape of the lens and the eye must contract. For brief periods of time, this reshaping of the eye tissues does not pose a problem. However, we now spend most of our time focusing on nearby objects such as books, papers, televisions, and computer screens. We place our eye muscles under constant tension for hours every day, causing a permanent distortion of the lens and the eyeball itself. Thus, vision deteriorates. To maintain or improve your natural vision, corrective lenses are not the answer as they cause damage to eye tissues.


By contrast, vision improvement techniques address the causes of vision problems. Losing your vision and wearing corrective lenses can often be avoided. You can learn eye exercises that prevent vision loss and improve vision after it is impaired also is possible. Vision maintenance techniques enhance the strength and flexibility of the muscles and tissues of the eye, improving focus and clarity of vision at any distance:


  • When reading or working at a computer, occasionally take a minute to look out the window at a distant object, studying the details of that object. This activity allows the eye muscles to relax. (Blankly gazing out the window does not make eye tissues return to their natural shape, whereas focusing on distant details does.) Do this once every thirty minutes or so for about a minute at a time. The exercise takes very little effort and helps to preserve your vision.


  • If you wear corrective lenses, be sure to take them off whenever they are not needed, thus giving your eyes an opportunity to work naturally, especially when you are outdoors where the eyes can also receive full-spectrum light.


Eyesight can be improved using natural vision improvement exercises. By regularly performing a series of simple exercises, most people can throw their glasses away. Meir Schneider’s Yoga for Your Eyes offers a complete program including a booklet, eye exercise chart, and a video teaching you how to improve your vision naturally. Meir Schneider was born without sight. He developed his own total approach to self-healing and used it to reverse his own blindness.



The Complete Family Guide to Alternative Medicine by C. Norman Shealy M.D. PhD

Never Be Sick Again by Raymond Francis, M.Sc.


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