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Lenka Pagan

Do you know why people are losing their voice? Have you experienced it before? Here is why it’s happening. They are breathing in through their mouth! When we are born, we are supposed to breathe in through the nose. There are filters in the nose called turbinates and they serve the function of warming, humidifying, and filtering the air that we breathe. So, when you breathe in through the nose, the air becomes moist, so it doesn’t dry out your throat and your vocal cords.

I want you to open your mouth and take a nice slow breath in. Do you feel how drying that is? Doesn’t it make you cough? Now, close your mouth and take a breath in through your nose. You see, no dryness! 😊

People often think that if they get a ton of air into their body that will somehow make them great communicators. But it’s not the case! You can get all the air you want into your lungs, but that doesn’t make you a great communicator. What is more important to learn how to send air out of your mouth. So let me show you how to do that. It is called DIAPHRAGMATIC BREATHING or also named deep breathing or simply just belly breathing.

There are many advantages to learning diaphragmatic breathing.

The technique:

  • Lowers heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Decreases muscle tension.
  • Increases blood oxygenation.
  • Brings warmth to the hands and feet.
  • Increases energy and motivation.
  • Improves concentration.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Reduces stress hormones.
  • Activates the body’s relaxation response (and reverses the stress response)
  • Can be easily implemented, requiring no medication or cost.

How brilliant is that! By the way, posture matters, because we live in a world where people are just slumping over all the time. And when you round over your shoulders you are blocking air into the lungs because your ribcage is in the way! So, please sit up straight in your chair, chest up and shoulders back and down.

Now, I want you to learn to breathe in through your nose and pretend that you have a balloon in your abdomen. In and out…Breathe in and say “Lenka only wants me to speak when my abdomen is coming back in!” Now do it again. Breathe in through your nose and pretend you have a balloon and say “Lenka only wants me to speak when my abdomen is coming back in!”

If you did that, you would be sending the perfect amount of air out of your lungs to the vocal cords and then out of your body, and it really would be a gift. But most people are holding their stomach tight and then they are basically holding their breath and tension and will not get the right projection!

The breath is the basis for everything that happens in your life. Without breath we are dead. Yet many people never know how to breathe while they are alive. Not you! You now know!

Just go back to the way you were born! Breathe in through your nose into your belly and you will never lose your voice again! :-}

Lenka Pagan
Lenka supports women to live happier and healthier life. :-)

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