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Social Speech – Praise an Individual

Lenka Pagan

I would like to share with you a speech that I delivered at my speaker’s club last week. That night I also completed Level 3 and received some wonderful feedback from my fellow club members. I love Toastmasters and can highly recommend it to those who want to improve their public speaking skills! 🙂

The speech is called Social Speech – Praise an Individual.

“Tonight, I am going to talk about somebody who I feel should be praised. That somebody is a special person to me. Her name is Anita. Why am I praising her? Because she made the biggest impact in my life – she transformed my life and thanks to her, I am here.

When I met her, I was very ill and diagnosed with an incurable illness. Anita showed me another perspective on life, she offered a different solution to my health problems.

Through her knowledge, I gained clarity! She was confident that I will get well again after changing my diet and stopping using painkillers and toxic products for my body and my household.

I applied all her advice to my life and you know what – it worked! I recovered from my illness in just a few months and have not been ill since!

What my doctors and I thought was impossible to achieve before I met Anita – became possible and that was a huge realisation for me! I can’t be grateful enough to Anita for her invaluable advice, and for guiding me on my journey to great health. I am so grateful to her for transforming my health, my mindset, and my life.

This wonderful lady inspired me so much that I changed my entire career! I went to study management in Florida and wanted to work for a corporate company but instead, my passion became my profession where I inspire and motivate people, just like Anita. And I also believe that our health is the biggest wealth and to gain it, we need to protect it and look after it well. 😉

So, I truly believe that people with – such a gift to humanity – deserve to be awarded, don’t you think?” 😊


Lenka Pagan
Lenka supports women to live happier and healthier life. :-)

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