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Berry Tofu Cheese Cake (vegan and gluten-free)

Lenka Pagan

This is one of our favourite cakes in the summer. It is delicious, quick and super easy to make. 🙂

Here are the ingredients:

1 package of firm tofu

50 -100 g natural sweetener of your choice

2 cm vanilla pod, scraped seeds or 2 tsp vanilla extract, optional

3 tbsp flour. Use buckwheat for the gluten-free version but otherwise, I like to use spelt, oat or wholewheat flour.

2 tbsp fresh lemon juice

1tsp grated lemon zest

Organic ingredients are always recommended.


Blend all cake ingredients until smooth in Vita-Mix, blender or food processor. Then pour into greased (I use coconut oil) cake form and bake in a preheated oven 180C for about 20-30 mins or until set. When baked, cool and refrigerate. You can serve it plain or with the following topping.


200 g fresh fruit (I used raspberries), washed and green parts removed

1 tbsp agar flakes (sea vegetable gelling agent)

2 tbsp water

2 tbsp maple syrup or any natural sweetener.

Blend all topping ingredients until smooth in Vita-Mix, blender or food processor. Pour into a saucepan and cook until the mixture has thickened (about 5-10 mins). Taste for sweetness and add more maple syrup if needed. Pour the mixture over the cake and return it to the fridge to cool and let the topping set firmly before serving.

Enjoy and let me know how did it go! 🙂


Lenka Pagan
Lenka supports women to live happier and healthier life. :-)

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