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Are you ready for Xmas?

Lenka Pagan

Are you ready for Xmas or feeling stressed?

When I was a child, our Christmas at home was pretty hectic, as my stepmom was busy in the kitchen, dad was preparing the tree, clearing the snow, if any, or doing other things around the house. My brother and I were busy trying to make our house nice and clean, decorating the tree…which most of us can relate to…but there are various ways to turn the frenzied holiday season into a time of resonance and even joy.  😉

Here are 7 tips for the less stressed holiday season:

  • Buy less or create instead: There is no need to break the bank for Xmas presents. I have even met some people who take a loan for presents every year! It is not what Xmas is about. Try to use your creativity and make gifts (cards) with your children which are unique, and handmade with love or buy simple and practical gifts for less.


  • Declutter: I always do a big clean in the Autumn and give away unwanted stuff (clothes, toys, kitchen items…) to my friends, nice neighbours or charity shops.  It feels so good doing that! 😉


  • Act kindly: When you take the time to really recognize and appreciate others, you come away feeling good that you have passed on some measure of compassion and kindness, which is really the core of the birth of a prophet’s life, someone who taught love. 


  • Take it easy! Some time ago, I used to try to prove that I could do it all – like a supermom. I tried to overdo and overextend myself. You know just like in yoga or any other sport if you overextend long enough, eventually the strain turns into real injury, and it is not worth it. Your health is your biggest wealth! So, please listen to your body, do not overdo it anymore and if you feel that you are pushing too hard by how you feel – pause for a little bit, have a rest and take it easy!


  • Buy presents in Summer or Autumn sale: Let’s be honest, buying gifts at the last minute can be very stressful. Just how annoyed you may feel hearing when people keep asking you: “Have you bought Xmas gifts yet?” You may get more stressed just hearing that and thinking how will you manage it all on time this Xmas? Here is a simple answer: buy presents in advance, perhaps in the Summer sales just like I do, it is cheaper, and you feel more prepared for Xmas, so less stressed. 😉


  • Gratitude: Being thankful that we live in peace, love and have a roof over our heads and we do have food, consider many more things you are grateful for and perhaps write a list and keep reading it every day…During the holidays you can direct your gratitude toward your family, friends, and all the people you care about.


  • You don’t have to! An immediate remedy for stress would be to stop being busy with activities that you don’t like and are not making you fulfilled. I know there are people who still mail lots of cards to their family and friends and perhaps feel a bit disappointed when they receive just a few back (that was my case a few years back), women who bake many kinds of different cookies prior to holidays and then feel guilty eating them as they gain weight in most cases. Yes, that was me a few years back, but I learnt and got out of it. 😉


Now, I manage the holiday period by staying healthy and balanced through eating well and practising yoga. I love Xmas but make no fuss about it anymore by preparing ahead of time and taking it easy without any obligation. 😉  

I hope you found these tips helpful and that you truly enjoy this holiday season! Just remember, take it easy! 😉

Lenka Pagan
Lenka supports women to live happier and healthier life. :-)

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