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Distilled Water versus Tap Water

Lenka Pagan

I have decided to write this blog post after reading that “distilled water is more dangerous than tap water!” I have purchased a water distiller in the Summer of 2018 and have been using distilled water every day since, not just for drinking but cooking as well, so I wanted to assure myself I am doing the right thing.

I did some research and found this:

What is distilled water? It is water that has been boiled into vapor and condensed back into liquid in a separate container. Impurities in the original water that do not boil below or at the boiling point of water remain in the original container. Thus, distilled water is one type of purified water. Drinking water has been distilled from sea water since at least about AD 200 – Wikipedia.

Distillation does not cause the “minerals to be evaporated out.” Quite the opposite; these inorganic minerals are left behind in the boiling pot. Only the water is evaporated out. This is a GOOD thing, since inorganic minerals are the ones that cause kidney and gallstones and join with cholesterol to form plaque and hardening of the arteries.

As some of you know I have done a training at Hallelujah Diet (formerly called Hallelujah Acres) in North Carolina, USA in 2004, (I am so grateful to them as they transformed my life), I have been on their diet since and encourage people to change their habits too in order to get well… Here is what Michael Donaldson, PhD., Research Director at Hallelujah Diet TM said about distilled water:

“Some health advocates still claim that distilled water is dangerous to our health and discourage people from using their distillers. One advocate even said that distilled water is worse for you than the tap water it started with. While there is a sliver of truth there, the whole article puts distilled water in a false light. Such health advocacy is irresponsible.

Two main issues need to be addressed here:

(1) the co-purification of organic contaminants with water distillation, and

(2) the long-term health effects of drinking low-mineral water. You will see that using a distiller is still the best, most consistent way of getting clean, pure water.

It is true that some organic chemicals can evaporate with steam during the distillation process. All distiller manufacturers are aware of this issue; it is not a new development.

Now, the second issue of drinking low-mineral water (which includes distilled and reverse osmosis water). There are some potential adverse effects of drinking distilled water. It may pull a SMALL amount of minerals from the body. For most people this will not be a problem.  For a person with marginal mineral intake, this could lead to long-term negative health effects. For people interested in long-term optimal health, losing a small amount of minerals from the body might be a concern.

The best solution to the low-mineral (distilled) water issue is to add a concentrated solution that remineralizes, alkalizes, and lowers the surface tension of the water. This solution is called WaterMax and is available from Hallelujah Diet https://shop.myhdiet.com/trace-minerals-concentrate-4oz.html  (Just 1 tsp of WaterMax remineralizes and alkalizes a whole gallon of distilled drinking water.)

Another good solution [if not using WaterMax] is to squeeze some fresh lemon juice into a glass of distilled water. This will remineralize the water and add some alkaline minerals to it as well, along with a great taste. (Note from Lenka – I also use powder blends, alkaline superfoods, such as wheatgrass, barley grass, spirulina, chlorella…).

When all of the options for purifying water are considered, the best solution is to use a distiller in combination with an activated carbon filter. To get truly pure water, we want to remove chlorine or chloramine, fluoride, arsenic, lead, industrial organic pollutants, pharmaceutical residues, viruses and bacteria, and rock minerals from our drinking water.

There isn’t a single process that does all of this, but in tandem you can produce pure water. Activated carbon does an excellent job with organic contaminants but doesn’t do much with mineral or metal contaminants. Distillers do an excellent job with minerals, viruses, and bacteria.

Certain filter resins remove some minerals (arsenic, fluoride, lead) under acidic conditions.  Reverse osmosis units rely on activated carbon to remove the organic contaminants. These units do purify the water, but bacterial fouling can be a problem, resulting in reduced performance over time.

The best method is to combine an activated carbon filter and distiller to fully remove all these contaminants. This method yields pure water consistently.”

The Real Reason Bones Become Brittle

“It’s not distilled water that demineralizes the bones and makes them subject to easy fracture, but rather an acidic diet. Animal flesh, dairy, sugar, and refined wheat flours are all acidic. In an effort to neutralize this acidity, the body draws alkaline minerals from the bones to neutralize the acidity.

The Hallelujah Diet removes all highly acidic substances. In other words, we stop consuming all these acid forming foods. As a result, the body has no need to remove the alkalizing minerals from the bones to neutralize the acid. Thus, bone density is not only maintained – it is increased!

The Hallelujah Diet provides the body with a consistent supply of bone-building, alkalizing minerals in our green smoothies, multiple vegetable juices, and large salads – all high sources of organic, alkalizing minerals.

Distilled Water Does Not Spell Disaster

The highly acidic diet along with a sedentary lifestyle is a prescription for disaster — in terms of overall health as well as bone structure. Conversely, a mostly raw, 100% plant-based diet including plenty of vegetable juices, daily exercise, and purified distilled water builds a strong immune system, strong bones, and a long, healthy life”. – By George Malkmus from Hallelujah Diet

Check these two interesting videos about water distillation experiment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6M0KhVFC1E




I personally use Megahome Water Distiller as well, after doing some research, I found it as one of the best on the UK market, purchased on Amazon for about 170 GBP.  I am happy with the product and love the pure water from it! I hope you find this blog post helpful. 😉

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you like to discuss your diet with me and receive some consultation as I will be happy to advise you.

In health,

Lenka x



Photo of my Megahome Water Distiller

Lenka Pagan
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