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Why do I juice?

Lenka Pagan

Does juicing have the same results as eating raw fruits and vegetables?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t! Why?

When most people eat, they do not chew their food properly. Solid food requires an hour or even more before it’s broken down and assimilated at the cellular level in liquid form.

The amount of food that can be eaten in solid form is much less than in juice form, therefore freshly pressed juices are the easiest option.

The juice of the plant, like the blood of the body, contains all the elements that build and nourish. It is a well-known fact that all foods must become liquid before they can be assimilated.

This is why I always start the day with a glass of barley grass or wheat grass juice, fresh if I can, but usually in a powder form. It is the healthiest and simplest way for you to consume a good amount of nutrients.

This image gives you an example of how many vegetables you could get into just a couple of glasses of highly nutritious juice. It’s almost impossible to eat this quantity at once, but its not a problem to drink it in the form of a freshly made juice.

Here are some of the reasons why I have consistently consumed fresh juice on a daily basis since 2004:

• freshly pressed juice gives you lots of energy, leaving you feel refreshed and alive!

• it contains living enzymes, vitamins, amino acids (protein), minerals all in their natural form and proper combination, exactly what your body needs to become the building blocks and fuel to build and rebuild your cells,

• it makes your skin soft and glowing, your hair shiny, your nails stronger, makes your breath fresh and more,

• it cleanses the body of toxins and boosts the immune system,

• it quickly and easily absorbed by your body,

• it reduces cravings,

• it slows down the ageing process thanks to antioxidants,

• it allows you to consume the nutrients in such a large quantity in one sitting, which is much more than anyone would ever be able to eat,

• if you strain your juice, remove the fibre content or pulp, there is no major digestive effort required. The nutrients are assimilated by getting into your bloodstream and feeding your cells within a few minutes in order to provide the nutritional building blocks to create healthy new living cells,

• fresh fruit juices are the cleansers of our body,

• fresh vegetable juices are the regenerators and builders of our body,

• it just tastes so good – you could easily get addicted to it! 🙂

Your body is equipped with a self-healing ability and if you allow it to do its job by nurturing it physically, mentally and spiritually, it will provide you with a strong immune system to protect you against disease.

Feeding your body with hazardous foods, drugs, radiation, chemotherapy and other unnatural substances will only weaken your immune system and degenerate your body, thus causing disease.

If you like to learn more please check out my book ‘Healing Beverages’ which has just over 100 recipes for juices, smoothies, plant-based milks and teas, plus lots of other helpful information.

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Next week: What do I juice and why?

Lenka Pagan
Lenka supports women to live happier and healthier life. :-)

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